Tour Jarlier

A silo converted into a gaol

In actual fact, the existence of the Tour Jarlier dates back to the 16th century. Its construction, which began in 1542, was completed in 1569, integrated into the village's defence plan: with the two coastal towers and the disappeared tower of the fish market, they form a quadrilateral, surrounded by ramparts.
Before that, the ground floor of the Tour Jarlier was used for crops. "Jarlie" in Provençal designates a cellar where jars are stored.

On the courtyard side, the facade reveals some screened openings and old cells. In fact, during the revolution, the Tour Jarlier was converted into a gaol.

After the Second World War, the municipality surrendered the tower.

The restoration work, which has preserved spirit of the fortress, began in 2012 and took three years.


The view from the top of the Tour Jarlier encompasses the whole village and the waters of the gulf. "A view to take your breath away," recognise the privileged few admitted to this terrace, especially during the international yachting festival 'Les Voiles'.
Rooted at the corner of Boulevard d'Aumale and Montée de la Citadelle, the tower is the highest point of the village. From the terrace, a cascade of roofs flows down to the port. The old part of the village, towards La Ponche, is curled up at your feet. The bell tower of the church is the focal point.

The building is truly imposing ... A place steeped in history whose heart remains unknown to most Tropéziens ...

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A magical place that your guests, friends or clients will never forget!